Residential & Commercial Security Systems

Keep Your Property Safe With Residential & Commercial Security Systems in  Modesto, CA

Worried about what happens when you’re away from the house? Set your mind at ease with the residential & commercial security system services provided by Central Valley Alarm. We make it possible to have your home watched over at all times. Furthermore, we stay ahead of technological advances in the industry and provide the latest products and services.

We have a large selection of residential & commercial security system options. Whether you have large premises that needs strategically placed cameras throughout the property or would like to install wireless security cameras for extra protection, we are the tech-security experts that you can trust with your safety.

Our professional staff specializes in:

  • Residential & Commercial Security Systems
  • Residential & Commercial Security System installation
  • Residential & Commercial Security System upgrade
  • Residential & Commercial Security System repair
  • Residential security
  • Home surveillance systems
  • Wireless security cameras
  • Internet-connected security cameras to smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Security cameras synced with alarm systems
  • Outdoor security cameras
  • Skybell doorbell camera with infrared LED and motion sensors
  • And more